Saturday, October 14, 2006

bullfrogish unions


Does that ring a bell? It's called as such because the male's deep resonant croak sounded like a bull's bellow. Bullfrogs are a rare kind of amphibians known for its eating habits in the world of biology. They're predators found mostly in the silent lakes of canada to Mexico feeding on small snakes (yup, small), worms, insects, crustaceans (humm, interesting!), little birds, and most shockingly, their own kind! This trait being its most significant makes it unique and dangerous!

They can only see and eat their prey whan it's moving. If not, bullfrogs wouldmn't give a damn! For as long as it is not moving, it's not part of their menu. Their hunting style is called the "Sit & Wait" technique. They wait patiently until an unfortunate victim passes, meeting its untimely death. with a single gulp, it is gone.

They're so amazingly diligent and trciky. They are on the third level of the food pyramid after all! They have earned an instant reputation distinct from other frog species as being mean and greedy as unmindful of eating their own kind for self-gratification.

These bullfrogs' exceptional trait has actually long been showing up in our nation nowadays. Some promient Homo sapiens who are graduates of reputable universities like Silliman, exhibit such trait, unmindful of thier acts and deliberatley showing up only i times of indulgence, being fraud in front of the unknowing masses. They are corrupt, greedy, and selfish -- bullfrogish, really -- sitting on high positions in the government.

Organizations, unions, party-lists, societies and other related groups is the result to all these -- attention seeking movements yet usually they're unheard.

According to the Philippine Constitution's Bill of Rights, specifically Section 8, people have the freedom to form or to be a member of any group, in which the person unanimously agreed upon its purpose and to successfully achieve it. But is this enough to solve the bullfrogish acts we are seeing and even experiencing?

Yes? But the question is, is this particular right really in our hands?

We talk about democracy in this country but look and see what's happening now: Rallyists are adamantly maltreated, and innocent people are abducted by armed forces. thier so-called rights were completely discarded.

Given the economic strait we are in, the formation of such unions is inevitable, yet they're experiencing difficulties all the same. thier lives are at stake in every move they make. That's why others tend to be with the bullfrogs!

It's funny to realize that a better way of tackling more impending bullfrogs in this country is being one! One has no choice but to take the lead of trekking onto a different path, unless one would prefer to be on the passive side. Unbeknownst to them, they are becoming bullfrogs.

Leftists, activists, or whatever they are tagged; the anger in these people may be considered a waste of energy. but using this energy through anger could lead to a change for improvement, an improvement for everyone's benefit.

Well i think it runs that way. And it's sad to note that through the years -- though little by little, we have felt some improvements in this nation -- the oppressed are getting more demoralized, and the untroubled are still getting more pleasures their wicked relations have to offer.

If you doubt my statements, i suggest you lock yourself inside a closet, and you might discover that there's something croaking ceep inside you. There will be no harm done. just ask yourself: Are you a discreet bullfrog-in-the-making who, with sheer determination, lavishes on the downfall of your fellow beings? Maybe you really are without noticing it!

And if you do... Please, don't swallow me up! Help anybody... bullfrogish symptoms at hand!

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