Original Tempest
Verses Typhoon Yolanda : A Storm of Filipino Poets (December 2013)

In the Foothills of Talinis
Cruising: Going Places (December 2013)

Original Madness
Silliman Journal : The Special Literary Issue Dedicated to Edilberto K. Tiempo and Edith L. Tiempo (November 2013)

How to Make an Accident
Sands and Coral 2013: Celebration (August 2013)

Poetry as a Lesson in History
Slate 2013 (December 2012)  

How to Put Everything at Stake
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (03 July 2012)

How to Identify a Crisis Without Really Trying
Philippines Free Press (29 April 2012)

The Storms Around Us
Montage (2012)

How to Not Write Another Story
Philippines Graphic (2012 February 27)

How to Hate the Apostrophes
Philippines Graphic (2012 February 27)

Paper Monster Press, Queer Punk Issue (2011 December 9)

How to Follow Not So Simple Instructions 
Philippines Free Press (2011 November 26)

Response to a Doctors Findings
Philippines Graphic (2011 October 3)

Philippines Free Press (2011 September 10)

Paper Monster Press, Dream-Pop Issue (2011 August 24)

The Trail to Nagsasa Cove
Philippines Graphic (2011 July 4)

The Church Floor in Siquijor
Philippines Graphic (2011 July 4)

Under the Storm: An Anthology of Contemporary Philippine Poetry (2011 September 2)
Philippines Graphic (2011 June 13)

Philippines Free Press (2011 May 21)

Philippines Free Press (2011 March 26)

Philippines Free Press (2010 May 15)

To End A Wall
Paper Monster Press (2010)
Dark Blue Southern Seas (2009)

Rain March
Dark Blue Southern Seas (2009)

Home Life (2009 August)

The Other End
Dark Blue Southern Seas (2008)