Thursday, November 29, 2007

when trying hard

When trying hard... enjoy the intramural games this school year is much more like sitting on a huge ice block. follow a professor's request of having classes during the intramural season is more like turning on the radio and tuning the volume to its lowest. stretch my patience when it comes to deadlines is like climbing out of a dry well without any rope or ladders. shut all the noise in the world is simply an incredible feat only a giant muffler can provide. understand the mind of a “friend” is like untangling a lengthy yarn tied all over the acacia's branches.


Monday, November 26, 2007

j ibuf zpv!

I hate this day! I hate "you".

I don't know but I just hate this day. No, it's not that I particularly hate the whole day—I just hate the night. But what comes into my mind is, “I hate this day!” That means I have no choice but to say, I hate this day. There's no point in specifying why I hate this day, even though I just hate the night; for if I will spill the beans in this post, the turn of events will ultimately be devastating.

Argh! Due to the unexplainable feeling of hating this day, I also hate myself! I hate my situation because I don't exactly know why I hate some people lingering around me, why there are some people who I usually enjoy being with turn out to be annoying bunch of filthy rags, why my favorite character in a setting (or place or whatever it is) I dearly set a special corner in my mind and soul seems to be fleeing away from me, and why there is no end to the killings of water ants in our backyard! There's more, I tell you.

Pardon me for these vague rants but I just hate this day! I hate “you!”

J ibuf zpv!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

dark blue southern seas literary competition 2007

Submit your literary works to (not, as shown in the image above) with your name, course, and year level or personally submit them (in soft copy) at the Weekly Sillimanian office. You may also submit photographs and other works of art which may be featured in the upcoming magazine.

This contest is only open to bona fide Silliman students.

For more inquiries, contact:
John Boaz - 09276093570
Jordan - 09155754418

the hoarder

Being a junior Creative Writing major is not easy. With numerous works of literature I am compelled to read though I previously thought of them as non-existing, this semester is going to be a riot when classes are usually held in the oven-like English department (considering that I am the only Creative Writing major left in my batch).

But even if papers and letters seem to drown me, my itchy self of grabbing (okay, buying) a book that I unconsciously thought as fun to read never fails me whenever I visit the nearest bookstore. Well, here are the latest books in my cluttered table:


The latest stack made me smile; for the latest purchase was a healthy bunch: there's a psychological story, a sophisticated horror tale, and two fantasy books (both for the mature readers and the young ones).

Friday, November 02, 2007


It was in the quiet day of November the 1st when the truth
about my great-great-grands-and-so-on was finally planted in my mind indelibly.
Unlike the previous years when I visited them partially knowing their history
and left the newfound familiarity in the corner of my head after the solemn "dalaw,"
on that morning there were some questions that finally deemed to be forgotten.