Thursday, November 12, 2015

this is not the end

Sam Mendes returns at the helm of the 24th edition of the James Bond franchise “Spectre” after his work with “Skyfall” in 2012. But this new outing struggles to reach the splendid and masterful level of the latter film. A character in the movie tells James Bond he is a “kite dancing in the hurricane.” He is certainly referring to our hero treading dangerous grounds, but he could also be describing the film’s aimless plot. “Spectre” seems muddled by its effort of tying the loose ends of the past three Bond films. But, oh, there’s the great Christoph Waltz. He is perhaps one the few glimmers of prestige that the movie holds, until he is rendered into such poor characterization in the end. The hint, or should I say the twist (the white fluffy cat!), that Waltz’s Franz Oberhauser is somehow connected to a famous and notorious villain in the Bond universe is a wasted opportunity. He just ended up like that? For someone named Bond, nothing seems to stick around permanently to this guy for so many years. But fortunately, in this latest installment, there could finally be someone. And aside from the tinge of humor sprinkled all over the film (bringing to mind this year’s “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”), that’s a welcome change. Note: Also, that opening credit was gorgeous to look at; it reminded me of sushi.