Tuesday, September 30, 2008

philippine speculative fiction vol. 4

And here are the results (not the final sequence). This is taken from Dean Alfar’s blog.

A League of Champions by Ronald Cruz
A Retrospective on Diseases for Sale by Charles Tan
All We Need is Five Meals a Day by Jose Elvin Bueno
Beats by Kenneth Yu
Breaking the Spell by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
Breathing Space by Maryanne Moll
Dino's Awesome Adventure by Carljoe Javier
Dreams of the Iron Giant by Joseph Nacino
First of the Gang to Die by Paolo Jose Cruz
From Abecediarya by Adam David
Haya Makes A HUG by Erica Gonzales
Hopscotch by Anne Lagamayo
Mang Marcing and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Vincent Simbulan
Parallel by Eliza Victoria
Press Release by Leo Magno
Revenge of the Tiktaks by Noel Tio
Sky Blue by Celestine Trinidad
The Dance of the Storm by Isabel Yap
The Day That Frances, The Copywriter, Became God by Monique Francisco
The Maiden's Song by Kathleen Aton-Osias
The Paranoid Style by Sharmaine Galve
The Rooftops of Manila by Crystal Gail Shangkuan Koo
The Secret Origin of Spin-Man by Andrew Drilon
The Sewing Project by Apol Lejano-Massebieau

our lampoon issue

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS), now in its 105th year, is still on the run, still on its toes, and still grilled by both orthodox and heretics. On our last issue for this semester, we just have to give you the hiccups and sorry in advance for the semi-inside jokes. Yes, we’re having our lampoon issue.

Just last month, our news writer caught a regional student organization drinking liquor in their booth. It was during the Hibalag festivities, one of the university’s Founders events. I know it sounds preparatory and all, prohibiting such drinks to collegedom, but it’s a university policy. So, what better way of making a fool out of it is to, you know, play it on us. This time, they caught us.

Cloudy has already left us, lingering in the corporate world that seems so detached from what we could imagine. And who’s the right one to replace such feisty tWS staffer? Well, there’s this dancer who is still recovering from her post-emotional impasse. I guess it helps sharpen her tongue. Letter senders, just be ready.

And there’s more, actually. There’s Gussip Girl, the staple In Vino Veritas, Sports News (almost a grand slam for the Pink Unicorns), and Horrorscope, one book review by famous writer Ian Perming Gamug-ot (hehe...) and others. Just pardon us, we need to loosen up. This is our only time to get, umm, creative.

Friday, September 26, 2008

8th ateneo national writers workshop fellows

The official press release of the final list of fellows has not yet been circulated but the names listed here are called individually by the workshop coordinators if they’re available on October 19-25. Basically, this is as good as the official one. Well, I’ve heard there are some who can’t be contacted by the numbers written on their résumés. Anyways, congratulations to my fellow 15th Iligan Writers Workshop fellows, Philip and Krisza! Your tandem sure is going somewhere.

1. Jan Brandon L. Dollente (Las Piñas; ADMU)
2. Francisco Monteseña (Angono, Rizal; Unibersidad ng Silangan-Caloocan)
3. Randel C. Urbano (Quezon City; UP Diliman)

Maikling Kuwento
1. Anna Marie Stephanie S. Cabigao (Quezon City; UP Diliman)
2. Bonifacio Alfonso Javier III (Bacoor, Cavite; UP Diliman)
3. Marinne Mixkaela Z. Villalon (Quezon City; UP Diliman)

1. Genevieve Mae Aquino (Quezon City; UP Diliman)
2. Arlynn Raymundo Despi (San Mateo, Rizal; UP Los Baños)
3. Wyatt Caraway Curie Lim Ong (Malabon; ADMU)

Short Story
1. John Philip A. Baltazar (Cagayan de Oro; Xavier University)
2. Monique S. Francisco (Pasig City; ADMU)
3. Krisza Joy P. Kintanar (Davao City; UP Mindanao)

Monday, September 22, 2008

it's done

At exactly 3:06 in the afternoon, I’ve finished a work longer than any fiction that I’ve written in my lifetime but probably much denser than any piece of poetry I’ve extracted from my mind for my other professors. Nevertheless, the feeling of having read and edited the last page of it gives you a sense of finality, a beautiful and pleasing one. Now, I can proudly say I have written a play.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The truth is we were not exactly sure the real event would grant us to wear these gowns on March. We were not sure if these covered the goosebumps on our skin. We were not even sure if those smiling eyes and grins had totally mantled our confusing desperation to finally flee from the university’s portals or our thoughts of leaving some newfound acquaintances that made for themselves a unique corner in our rooms’ existence. Most of the time, we were like suspended from a ceiling that waited for any form of push in order for us to swing and have its much needed momentum. Well, this is just me speaking. I don’t really know but what’s definite is that it just felt weird wearing those things.

Monday, September 15, 2008

58th don carlos palanca memorial awards for literature

I know, I know, this is super-late but let me just post this. Congratulations to the winners, especially to Sir Ian and Sir Leoncio!


Grand Prize: Miguel Syjuco, “Ilustrado”

Short Story
First Prize: Ian Rosales Casocot, “Things You Don’t Know”
Second Prize: Tara FT Sering, “Good People”
Third Prize: Nadine L. Sarreal, “Night Sounds”

Short Story for Children
First Prize: Celestine Marie G. Trinidad, “The Storyteller and the Giant”
Second Prize: No Winner
Third Prize: Kathleen Aton-Osias, “The Mapangarap and the Dream Trees”

First Prize: Jose Claudio B.Guerrero, “Talking to a Fu Dog on a Wedding Afternoon”
Second Prize: Katrina Stuart Santiago, “Mirrors”
Third Prize: Jhoanna Lynn B. Cruz, “Sapay Koma”

First Prize: Francis C. Macansantos, “Morphic Variations”
Second Prize: Ana Maria Katigbak, “Sl(e)ights”
Third Prize: Marie La Viña, “The Gospel According to the Blind Man”

One-Act Play
First Prize: Maria Clarissa N. Estuar, “Anybody’s Revolution”
Second Prize: Percival Intalan, “Secret Identities”
Third Prize: Joachim Emilio B. Antonio, “Newspaper Dance”

Full-Length Play
First Prize: Peter Solis Nery, “The Passion of Jovita Fuentes”
Second Prize: No Winner
Third Prize: No Winner


Grand Prize: Norman Wilwayco, “Gerilya”

Maikling Kuwento
Unang Gantimpala: Maria Lucille G. Roxas, “Game Show”
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Lemuel E. Garcellano, “Anghel Kalahig”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Rommel B. Rodriguez, “Kabagyan”

Maikling Kuwentong Pambata
Unang Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo
Ikalawang Gantimpala: April Jade B. Imson, “Si Karding at ang Buwaya”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Allan Alberto N. Derain, “May Tatlong Kurimaw”

Unang Gantimpala: Jing Panganiban-Mendoza, “Ang Pagbabalik ng Prinsesa ng Banyera”
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Michael M. Coroza, “Ang Mabuhay Singers at Ako sa Pag-awit at Pag-ibig”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Eugene Y. Evasco, “Agaw-Buhay”

Unang Gantimpala: Mikael de Lara Co, “Ang Iba’t Ibang Ngalan ng Hangin”
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Renato L. Santos, “Sari-Saring Salaghati… (at Good-bye-my-kangkungan)”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Niles Jordan Breis, “Rubrica: Mga Lakbay-nilay at Pagbubunyag”

Dulang May Isang Yugto
Unang Gantimpala: Floy C. Quintos, “Ang Kalungkutan ng mga Reyna”
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Debbie Ann Tan, “Teroristang Labandera”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Allan B. Lopez, “Masaganang Ekonomiya”

Dulang Ganap ang Haba
Unang Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo

Dulang Pampelikula
Unang Gantimpala: Emmanuel A. Dela Cruz at Michiko Yamamoto, “1434456: The Singalong Singhs””
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Dennis M. Marasigan, “Joy”
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Alfred Aloysius L. Adlawan, “Padyak”


Short Story (Cebuano)
First Prize: Macario D. Tiu, “Tsuru”
Second Prize: Edgar S. Godin, “Bingo”
Third Prize: Lilia T. Tio, “Sapatos”

Short Story (Hiligaynon)
First Prize: Leoncio P. Deriada, “Ang Pagbalik sang Babaylan”
Second Prize: Alice Tan Gonzales, “Dawata, Anak”
Third Prize: Marcel L. Milliam, “Bitay”

Short Story (Iluko)
First Prize: Danilo B. Antalan, “Dangilen”
Second Prize: Ariel S. Tabag, “Littugaw”
Third Prize: Aurelio S. Agcaoili, “Alegoria Uno”


Kabataan Essay
First Prize: Miro Frances D. Capili, “Rated X”
Second Prize: Cristina Gratia T. Tantengco, “Things That Lie Beyond The Postcards”
Third Prize: Elfermin M. Mallari Jr., “The Roads and Dreams That Meander”

Kabataan Sanaysay
Unang Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo
Ikalawang Gantimpala: Walang Nanalo
Ikatlong Gantimpala: Allen D. Yuarata, “Nang Dumating Si Joe”


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

strange day

Something is just wrong with this day. No, I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I just feel like floating (not the “joyous” elated kind of floating) inside one huge blown-up stub of a bubble wrap. It’s making my head turn, nauseated for some reason I do not know. Contemplating about possible causes for this strange feeling is making my day even worse. Sorry, I think I have to pass from writing something sensible on this page—my spirit is totally down and soggy right now.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

hit after hit

After the disappointing founders’ lineup of activities, the gathering of familiar faces, and the frequent cupping of our chins with our hands to quote someone, myriad of thoughts have already crowded my mind.

HIT 1: My manuscript has finally been sent. I’m keeping my fingers crossed also hoping that my fellow Hipons and Katsubongs would get into the workshop. Reunion, please!
HIT 2: I am not actually sure but there are some things that existed but not entirely visible. Where is it? When is it? How is it? Never mind, it’s not worth anything—just my diploma.
HIT 3: Someone is not well and nothing makes me more worried than not knowing what to do. Get the feeling? I hope not—consistent “hug hug” is not enough. And another someone is acting weird today. Or is it just me? Well, I need to breathe for the apple dies beyond room temperature.
HIT 4: I just couldn’t get why some people have not yet learned the basics of what is a basic! Such mindless authority they have….
HIT 5: Shakespeare in my room may look brilliant and dorky but is he enough to create a divine spark? Anyway, I’m hanging him on the office wall someday.
HIT 6: Three more issues and the Weekly Sillimanian’s blood this first semester is drying up.
HIT 7: The semester is going to end and my play hasn’t realized it needs to end. Yes, my work has a mind of its own.
HIT 8: The semester is going to end and I haven’t written any letter for Dark Blue Southern Seas, inviting alumni and other acquaintances to submit their literary works.
HIT 9: The semester is going to end and I only have four pieces yet that passed the standards of my poetry teacher. At least, “Rain March” proved to be the best among my list of first drafts.
HIT 10: This cycle of monotony is really getting into me. I need a break!