Friday, October 20, 2006

think it over!

"Tension always tails right behind calmness, if it isn't, calmness shall pursue trouble."

It is a cycle. We cannot escape how great we really are, even Houdini cannot get through with this one. It is like your shadow, always at your side, your back, and even right in front of you -- the sun creating these funny silhouettes is just the accompanying humor (well in the sense if you get what is the humor behind those magnificent trick of light!).
Seems ironic but if God ever forbids tension to stop its childish doings, your calm being will initiatively finds fun in the wilderness; from booze, sex, and to the newest book in the nearest novelty book shop. Calmness' pursuit for something bizarre should be expected. Then again, tension comes back into play, for calmness is good in hunting, the big "C" can find it (nope, not cancer!) in every place imagineable no matter where it hides.

And hey, it could be right under your carpet, accumulating the dust of Wednesday that brings an original itch to your nose. Tissues, here I come!

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