Thursday, December 21, 2006

going white before christmas

Definitely the common theme for this season is to go white. Through the years, this clean and perpetual motif changed; now there’s red, green, blue, and I even witnessed a violet version. Yet, when I got back here in my hometown my eyes witnessed a blast of holy whiteness all over the house! It seems that we go back to the basics (we had blue last Christmas). The curtains, the table covers, the artificial flowers, and many more went all pallid.

Honestly, the color white is indeed elegant. Just like our aged ancestral piano’s flat keys.

And to add to our list, two new items unexpectedly came into our midst. Yeah, they came. Believe me.

First came this minute creature -and of course white- about half the size of my thumb. Well, considering that this thumb of mine is not normal as what it should be, as other people had stated.

A little rodent appeared before my eyes; thanks to my nephew who brought it close to my face showing it off while I was intently watching a video. Actually, it was all of my nephew’s juvenile acts bringing along with him this creature from school. (I wonder where he got it).

Nope. I did not shriek. I just loved watching it. The thing comfortably slept in my wrinkled shirt when I placed it near my belly. Now that’s what you call confidence.

It played around the living room (got a hard time shooing away our keen trusty cats, remember Cloudy?), had its first pictorials, fed it up with food, and left it in his new home made more comfortable after my brother decided of placing it inside a wide-rimmed flower vase.

Here it is:

Another pearly whitey is (drumroll please, after two dull years of longing for it) our high school yearbook. Don’t get squirmy here but yes, this is the week that I had finally laid my hands on the book.

I conceptualized it from the front cover to its back, I did the lay-outs, and all the necessary things to make it visually arresting, and this is the product:

Now you can truly say that we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover. And I have my affirmation to that.

I wrote the “About the Cover” for this Erudite yearbook:


One who is marked by deep extensive learning.
One who still stands after enduring all the necessities and tests.

Like the flame, it brightens the dark corners of a room,
giving light to those who needed it and surpassing
the depressing blankness—though the flame stands alone.

With this flame that symbolically keeps burning in the spirit of a [GCS] student,
one manages to find the right way along its brilliant guidance,
trekking with uncertain danger and confronting all fears till the end,
to be distinguished as a deserving Erudite.

With this passion that we shall call the Blue Flame.


I personally love it even though the writing is high schoolish (pardon and allow me to use such word) and dumb, set aside that it is white, until I took a peek of its insides. It’s a failure.

Mistakes are all over!

Pictures mismatched, nicknames exchanged, pictures so scarce, and my valuable class prophecy lost its last paragraph! What in the h…What the f...

I don’t know what to say. It has been published and I have nothing to do—unless I go chasing those people who got the book and grab it then burn it at the same time project a loud hollow deep laughter (bwahaha!).

And for approximately two years in the making, the outcome is just a mediocre. Let us call this a lampoon issue.

It just turned out that white is not at all elegant for me this month.



lyde said...

pabasaha nya ko jords sa inyong yearbook...

jordan said...

Nah lyde... It is such a big disappointment. I expected something better. Phew.

Hermione, lend me your time-turner!