Friday, February 09, 2007

silence of the bullfrog

Everything stands still. It is different. It is not sane.

It is one of those days when you turn your back, only to discover that there's nothing to be bothered--actually there is no single thing and there is no one to bother. The austerity and placidity are nauseous; these keep on pulsating in my mind. Spitting it all out is the last thing on my mind.

When noise in common generally gives disorientation and interruption, I just miss your noise. Tell me I am foolish of saying this but whoever reads this one, this "you" might be really you or not. My volition is cluttered with mess and I think rants and silliness and its like are the best solution of cleaning it up.

I should start getting used to this, I said to my self forcedly.

(and then there was silence)

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