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outplay. outlast. the survivors.

The Weekly Sillimanian Staff of school year 2006 - 2007.
Niño: Mr. Kris Aquino
Even with his sharp tongue, we still bow down to this Tagalog genius who could juggle Weekly work with his Accountancy load. A private, opinionated person, he feasts on any Kris tidbits with the same relish he gives to his spiritual journey.

Dirg: Patron Saint of Beer
Geek kuno. But inside that hyperactive mind is a Philippine literature fanatic. (Hint: He was the spark that ignited the Literatura Festival, after asking Sir Casocot if “the pen is dry in Dumaguete”). A future editor, he has a drunken humor and worships Angelo Suarez poems.

Kim: Office Psycho
Her blog is of her being a psychologist/musician/journalist/student nurse. Walay tulog. Forever lost daw, but her real talent lies in organizing events and tracking down errant information. This tech staff mom has all the patience in the world, except for those who can’t beat deadlines.

Claudine: Japanese Pancoon
The Campus Ambassador Chair who named herself the Witch of Finance who hates mess. Always stressed (Panda+Racoon=eyebags), she keeps us well-fed with Neva’s pizzas. When she gets drunk, she laughs nonstop and speaks Nihonggo (she did it once in front of Sir Casocot).

Marianne: Loquacious Ratatatatat
Our Japan-bound writer who considers silence a mortal sin. Whenever she leaves the office, maghilom gyud. The sportswriter who shares Dirg’s love (uyyy…) for Philippine lit and celebrity interviews, she is DYWeekly personified. Abandon all hope ye who seek to silence her.

Odie: Mr. Shades
Smart and multi-talented, this debater is perhaps the only news editor in tWS history who doesn’t shout. He has a special knack for caption titles and staying up late just to finish editing. An understanding little guy, he gives extensions to news writers, to the EIC’s eternal frustration.

Donna: Loveable Biatch
She is the Timon to Janseven’s Pumba. A spunky fashionista (she’s a milder version of Hitler) with a nose for the morbid and the bizarre, this petite management major once bought bottles and bottles of tequila and rhum at Lee all by herself, to the amusement of the salesladies.

Micah: The Prophet
The youngest in the Editorial Board, this pastor-in-making is quote-unquote brilliant. A biker around campus, he head butts the EIC every Monday at 12midnight, and reads aloud Confucius teachings. Quick to challenge illogical fallacies, we’re happy he shifted from nursing. He is philosophy.

Rochelle: Haggard Supergirl
The debater and nursing college honor who fights for her rights (wink wink). She is perhaps the nicest girl in the office, and we all bow down to her biiiiig books and multiple ballpens. The genius juggler, she sprinkles the front page with a dash of animal flavor.

Michelle: Bosing ng Masa
Stressed bisan dili Nursing, she is obsessed with Wednesday morning tWS circulation. Aside from Sundays-Tuesdays, she is as bouncy as a toddler. A Dr. Doolittle of all things electronic, she is the always smiling O.C. who looks forward to being a bum next semester.

John Boaz: Skimmer Wannabe
Literature enthusiast and computer junkie, he is a multilingual athlete with a crazy yet subtle sense of humor. Bogoy nga opao, and pachoychoy nga libakero. Bitaw, another future editor, he wowed us with his Alice story—read the SU Mag.

Jordan: the Semi-opao Bullfrog
A visual artist and one of only four creative writing majors left, he satisfies his pet worm Ben with Bikolana every 11:30am. Daghan ni ug bodyguards. Always relaxed and calm (once ra ni namo nakit-an nastress), he’s known for his “Comets and Stars” rendition and wicked humor.

John Steve: Cookie Monster
Like the Sesame Street character, he’s an eating machine during meetings. Always in a hurry, he is the youngest Masscom staffer and an all-around helpful, religious, eager, good boy. Quotable quote: “Bitaw.”

Claro: Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Way klaro kuno. But his pictures undoubtedly rock. After graduating last semester, we can only sit here and remember when he nonchalantly entered in the middle of a convo in sando and slippers, and took perfect pictures of the pulpit while chewing gum before leaving. Pagkaperfect.

Jeruel: Ginoong Polsci
This tWS veteran and graphics expert holds the record for 20 straight hours of layout during our 8-page issue. This outspoken chief tig-sugba loves to quote celebrities like Juday and Heart and invite everyone to “shottings” at El Amigo.

Paul: Car Pimp
Without him, the office computers would have long combusted due to our abusive techno jinx selves. A lover of anything resembling cars, this Engineering-adopted kuya is also the Superman and tagakalat ng lagim sa office.

Aiken: La Bongga Diva
Multi-talented nga bayota. Writer, dance troupe member, VSC finalist. We do not know where he finds the time to pass articles on time and grace the office with Beyonce/Miss Saigon flights of fancy, but we love him for it.

Janseven: Pooh nga Palahubog
Si Master kay self-confessed pa-cute nga chubby. Ahem. A tWS veteran with a megaphone voice, he is the other half of the staff couple (hardcore ni manguyab!), and the Demolay leader who has been known for his certain…fondness for debaters in the office.

Joseph: the Creative Albino
The epitome of Gonggong, he once scared us at Forest Camp with his blinding whiteness. Described as the vampire with pimples, this computer game addict and guitar player is a kindergarten kid who gives good advices, although palpak ang uban minsan.

Eugene: Gentle Giant
His back debuted in the Weekly for the “Luv U Pre” article. An extremely nice and hardworking guy, his hilumon nature adds diversity to the otherwise noisy staff during post-mortem meetings.

Sesi: And the Academy goes to…
The “Heroes” fanatic, he can’t be seen without his backpack. The seemingly shy guy who is in-charge of tWS’ reputation to the outside world (i.e. the website), he shocked us with his amazing acting abilities in “Kayamanan sa Ilalim ng Tansan”.

Pearl: …of the Orient
Usa sa among babies, this sweet and soft-spoken nursing student has a lot of potential. She was crowned Best Actress during the Christmas party for her portrayal as a robot hairdresser.

Marvin: Promil Kid
Another Portal import, he makes us proud—usa ni nga college honor and student leader. He has a fashion sense that amuses Aiken, and chada siya’g camera.

Ma’am Gina: Mother Goose
Described as the light that brightens the paths of those who are spiritually, socially and technically lost, she is the calm one who encourages and supports the crazy bunch mentioned above. Patient even if bulyagon mi, she is a brilliant adviser who pays attention to the details.

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