Thursday, April 19, 2007

2007 dumaguete writers workshop fellows

Hitting the last minute has always been my flair in my college years. And this happened too in this year’s Dumaguete Writer’s Workshop; submitting my entries for a possible slot in a fellowship for poetry. Unfortunately, all those bustling efforts didn’t bear fruit. I didn’t made it. Well anyway, I’ve heard that the great poet Marjorie Evasco tried three times the effort before she finally got into this prestigious workshop.

All I can do right now is smile in a corner and applaud to my fellow LitCritters—Michelle Eve de Guzman and Robert Jed Malayang—who made it. Currently they can be tagged as “fellows!”

Congratulations also to the other Sillimanians who passed the strenuous and critical study from the applications committee. Pong, Justin, and Primy, good luck!


Krisette Sia-Valderia (De la Salle)
Kristian Abe Dalao (De la Salle)
Pancho Villanueva (UP Diliman)
Jennelyn Tabora (De la Salle)
Sharleen Banzon (UP Diliman)
Cecille La Verne de la Cruz (UP Diliman)


Sasha Martinez (Ateneo de Manila)
Catherine Alpay (Ateneo de Manila)
Janina Marie Rivera (De la Salle)


Primy Joy Cane (Silliman)
Justine Megan Yu (Silliman)
Martin Villanueva (Ateneo de Manila)
Mia Tijam (UP Diliman)

I may as well apply for some auditing purposes. I'm in stagnant mode these days; I want to do something.


Grand Pirouettes said...

ok ra na frog! kani ba pud sya... do and keep on writing!!!!! ok!! sile kokaka!

jordan said...

yup, I will continue writing.