Wednesday, April 18, 2007

67th college editors guild of the philippines press convention

Sumulong. Sumulat. Manindigan. Magmulat.

This year's 67th National Press Convention of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) cry was indeed hard-hitting, if not bravely mooting some of the nation's standing dirty actualities. "To write is already to choose," this is thier undying motto.

With Jose Cosido, Heidi Sarno, Rowell Madula, Gerg Anrol Cahiles, Karen Baral, Annaliza Tolentino, Vijae Alquisola, Trina Federis, Allan Billiones, Ronoriendo Roxas, Yshmael Cabaña, Laurence Robledo, Mara Manalang, and Darren Mangado who composed the Organizing committee and together with Rachel May Palang, Kimberly Gari, Michelle Eve de Guzman, Ma. Fe Jayme, and Sarah Alvarez as the Hosting committee -- these people successfully pulled the event into one piece.

Held at Silliman University, Dumaguete City with the Weekly Sillimanian as the host, being one of the 105 delegates from student campus publications all over the country, the practice I have encountered and studied was worth the profuse sweating during my almost one-week stay.

The whole 5 day deliberation of various important matters, which started last April 13 and closed at April 17, was basically divided into 6 parts: first with the 1) Batayan, Intermedya at Abanteng Pagsasanay at Palihan sa Pamamahayag, also with 5 classroom discussions to tackle with in each day as a delegate; 2) 8th Gawad Ernesto Rodriguez, Jr.; 3) Diskusyong Sosyo-Politikal, of which words from different Highly-regarded national personalities is still ringing in my mind; 4) Palihan sa Sining at Literatura discussed by various Palanca awardees; 5) acknowledging this year’s Gawad Marcelo H. del Pilar; 6) and the 4th Gawad Beng Hernandez.
Michelle Eve de Guzman (editor-in-chief), Anthony Gerard Odtohan (news editor), and Jan Alistair Villegas (columnist), and I represented as the Weekly Sillimanian delegates. While some of last school year’s staffers—namely John Boaz Lee, Kimberly Daphne Gari, Rochelle Bacay, Aiken Quipot, Springzeal Pherps Baccaro, Donna Bernardo, and Janseven Quijote—acted out as one of the CEGP secretariats. It was frustrating though that some didn’t exert enough effort as what was expected from them.

Acquaintances were made and having heard both sides of the coin that dealt with campus press freedom and its innate relations, I and the rest of my company now have in mind what is best for next school year’s the Weekly Sillimanian. And I personally feel that change is direly in need for our paper.

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Lennarf said...

Congratulations on an a very succesful congress...

bear in mind ...

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