Tuesday, April 10, 2007

prose as art

“I have never bothered before with definitions of feelings—the gross animal that I am, my motives were circumscribed by the most basic appetites but at twenty-one, having felt this unexplainable hankering, it could be no other but love, pure and all encompassing, sensual yes, but not tainted by lust. That word was alien to me and, perhaps, would always be.”

- Benjamin

“The worst enemies of the poor are the poor themselves. And never, never appear as if you are virtuous and without sin. It is the virtuous who have many enemies for they shame the many who are without virtue.”

- Francisco

With Francisco Sionil Jose's beautiful yet powerful prose, enamoring the book “Ben Singkol” will never be a fault. Though I am not yet in the near-half of the novel, it got me into straight reading even with those social and historical morsels. This specific work is artistically crafted yet it doesn't compromise the general reader. Emotions are well encapsulated that enable all kinds of readers to easily take its depth and core; effortless but never shallow.

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