Monday, May 07, 2007

end of the plight

The concept struck me hard, and then what followed was a series of dumb inspirations which later on leaked on various outputs that filled my distressing summer stay here in humid Tagbilaran.

If you still can’t get what I supposed to mean here, I think this acrylic on canvas painting I made last April 30 (a product of one of those dumb inspirations) will get my insane thought into your nutshells a bit.

I entitled this infantile work of art as The Young and for the Love of Fishing.

So basically, this is still about the “fisherman” mini-series drama that I had accidentally created and revolted with some guy. Mini-series because it didn’t last that long; for if it could have stretched to months I would say it is a full-length movie feature.

I hope this will be the end of fishing stories for me.


jan said...

"this guy?"


jordan said...

eveything's fine now jan! :)