Saturday, May 12, 2007

fast approaching

Just as I have thought: Time runs so fast when you are supposedly enjoying what is with you at the moment.

And what else is fast approaching but the 5th installment of the now ultra-commercialized Harry Potter movies (opening worldwide on July 13, 2007), and its dreaded final book six known by now as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

And browsing through a couple of webpages this day, I had stumbled upon a site with the poster of my most-preferred character in the novels, Sirius Black, who will eventually lost his presence in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. To avoid any biases, I’m posting the major poster as well.

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Another pseudo children’s novel-turned-movie is Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass coming out very later this year--the first of the set trilogy. At the least it is a fresh attempt of changing fantasy movies’ male protagonists for in this book it showcases a little spiteful and deceiving heroine, Lyra Belacqua.

I’m calling it “pseudo” for I have just read the book last month and it just shakes me to find out that it is a confusion (okay, a mixture) of a children’s book and an adulterated read. But given to its numerous praise and critical achievements, maybe that was the charm of it all. Shrugs.

I like it.

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ianne said...

japan is already swarming with harry potter chuchu na.. heheh...

wait, dnt you think the one who plays umbridge is so un-toadly???? tapos, luna lovegood too pretty to be luna lovegood.. hehehe....

and look at the pics sa harry potter na movie... daniel radcliffe is fat diba? bulging au ia built... hehehe...

ala lang.. ala man gud ko sa ako comments sa HP... dawn is not a fan man gud.. hehe

and i love sirius black too...

jordan said...

ngewk. its really rare for someone not to enjoy a HP book... just for pure entertainment lang gud.

yeah! luna lovegood looks pretty and umbridge is like my aunt! oh my.