Monday, June 04, 2007

enrolment deluxe

Just to get ahead of the rest you boost yourself up with a quick shower at 5 o’clock in the morning and dash off to the nearest 24-hour fastfood chain, and as you are nearing your destination, surprise! surprise!, the line of early birds on steel chairs at the Business and Finance building is truly an amazing display of determination.

Why, I woke up with colds at five and yet someone got the first cold seat of the area before lending his tuition fee to the university’s cold accountants! Looking at the bright side, which I think was the left side, I got a number tab purposely reminding me when to approach the Window: number 13—very lucky indeed.

The enrolment system of Silliman University is refreshingly new to most of the students in campus, including me, thus the sense of ignorance drifting on the balmy air this morning with the acacia shades helpless in shading the weary is truly unmistakable. Everyone seems to have furrowed eyebrows, questioning eyes, and annoying complaints.

As what
Jan Alistair Villegas puts it, the university’s latest offering is like a failed imitation of a systematic, organized, and computer-based enrolment process of the International Christian University (ICU) at Japan. If our enrolment lasts for a week, there a one-day dilemma of transactions is possible!

And the Computer Center’s (CC) electronic program on viewing and checking your account on a personal computer is a faulty. The relay of updates from the Business and Finance to CC is very slow, if not totally ineffective.

It was like the holy ground of Information Technology and Computer Sciences, the Uytengsu Building or CC, was transformed into a whole marketplace of confusion and stuttering statements from “supposedly” expert student volunteers.

Dissemination of information was not properly done. Even some teachers didn’t know what was the right thing to be done which made the students walk away and did what they think was right though what was in their heads were wrong. They were usually directed from one place to another until their soles cried defeat. Tip: wear comfortable footwear when enrolling at Silliman University.

With all these rants spilling from my mouth, to the keyboard, and to the World Wide Web, and to all who cared to read, guilt chill my insides. Well, not all things start out fine. Beginner’s luck is indeed inevitable.



ianne said...

if theres one thing i dont miss in su thats the near imposibble enrollment.. hahah... gud luck bayet... one year sa ko mag hassle free enrollment.. hahah

jordan said...

yeah yeah... but to think of it, minus the misunderstandings, the whole process was fast.

jan said...

why is my name here? scary, when you think of it... silliman will be after my ass because of that comment... :)