Saturday, June 09, 2007

frog meets frog

I can’t forget last night’s incident.

At exactly 1:05 in the morning in my bedroom, when I was reading June issue of Reader’s Digest sitting on my bed and leaning against the wall, a very unusual close encounter took place.

A frog suddenly hopped by my side.

Close acquaintances by now may have known that I do have some penchant for frogs and anything frog-like; from branding my very own curse with “bullfrogs” to identifying people whom I want to mock as with the same word. One may think I could live in a pool swimming with hundreds of this amphibian. But, heck, no.

I was truly astonished that time: face to face, eye to eye, him small (I think it was a ‘him’) and me big, him shiny and me dull, him leafy green and me lightly browned, him by the side of my bed and me by edge of my bed. It was good that plans of kissing the thing didn’t occur in my head.

It was really both breath-taking and scary. You may never know it’s an alien disguised as a tree frog! And who could have ever thought of a frog on one’s bed at dawn?! It even hopped towards me, but I was able to move away before his clammy wet being touched me and thus, trespassing total private property. He took over my pillow!

‘Know what I did? My child instincts got a little younger; I went to my mother’s bedroom and slept there the whole night after taking these pictures with my phone.

My mother woke up by my fitted laughter and movements in her bed. She asked what I was doing there, I just told her this: “Ma, naay baki sa ako katre. He he he.” Well, I don’t want that frog to be thrown away, let him experience that once in a blue moon comfort of a bed rather than a bark.

Go ahead, laugh.

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