Thursday, June 07, 2007

a personal art festival

It is a fact that I had complained a lot of things regarding my two-month break away from campus activities. If I could inscribe the trite elementary essay with the theme “How I spend my Summer Vacation,” it will generally contain grievances and non-wholesome vivid descriptions on how to combat the stress.

And to maneuver my mind away from doing any more foolishness, it was a good thing that the good sensible person of me got into something, let’s say, arty. Because of my recently concluded stagnation in my home, where the cycle of sleep-eat-television-internet-sleep was the fad, I filled up my time painting and sketching that at some point relieved my boredom a bit.

As of June 6, 2007, I have done 11 starving works in the world of visual arts. And here are some of the products of those long lazy days (hmm, I cut the images into pieces for this post; I don’t want anyone to copy the whole thing if someone would even dare).

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