Thursday, July 26, 2007

hits and ran

Hit 1: Woke up on another morning and went straight off to school without any breakfast filling my starving stomach.

Hit 2: Went to the SU Main Library and settled an exhibit, to be displayed in the Luce Auditorium, for Ramon del Prado's coming here in Dumaguete City. I think he arrived here this afternoon.

Hit 3: On the rush. Made an essay for our Informal Essay class that revolved around the topic, “what ticks you off?” I dealt my writing on an even inside an office.

Hit 4: Ran ran ran. Read read read. Harry Potter? Hu hu hu...

Hit 5: Sat in a class with only four students present.

Hit 6: Went to someone's house and discussed ballads and poetries by Frederico Garcia Lorca and someone who's cleverly called as “anonymous.” Hmm... The literary piece "The Winning of Mariang Ganda" was very beautiful; I forgot who the author was.

Hit 7: Received two text messages that shook my very essence a bit.

Hit 8: Read a lot of blog posts filled with the nastiest Harry Potter spoiler present on the world wide web. And to think of it, I know the authors of those blogs!

Hit 9: I found out that the Weekly Sillimanian office is oh-so-quite! And then I found out that the SU Debate Society is on a trip to Cebu.

Hit 10: Ran.

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