Saturday, September 08, 2007

momentarily leaving

Consider that the things you love most are beside you, and now, feel the wrath present above your temples and beneath your toes.
-Sept 8 / 07 (10:21am)

You were made to answer the calling from within but what you sought were the distant echoes that filled your hallowed aches.
-Sept 8 / 07 (12:45am)

The old man longs for sea-scented air and salt-encrusted rocks but the child continues to run, run till the old man's breathing only reminds him of the wooden boat's coming.
-Sept 7 / 07 (1:53pm)

Inside the basket are your three lavish pickings: greed, pride, and disregard.
-Sept 7 / 07 (9:21am)

With your sallow hands you threw his solace in the depths of your secret pain. And you swayed and smiled, unmindful, as he swam in eternal sorrow.
-Sept 7 / 07 (12:13am)


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