Wednesday, April 02, 2008

dbss coming soon

The Dark Blue Southern Seas (DBSS) Literary Folio will be available soon. This 2008 issue will no longer be in a magazine form but in a 100-page book; thanks to Mr. Cleonico Fontello for approving our proposal. Though the university could only pull off 1,000 copies for circulation (which is a far cry from some university that have produced 9,000 copies!), the good thing here is that finally the Weekly Sillimanian has been able to produce an actual literary folio—unlike Sands and Corals which has been stagnating for the past three years.

Inside the lit-folio are the works of:
Timothy Montes
Fred Jordan Mikhail T. Carnice
Jan Paulo Bastareche
Sonia SyGaco
Carlos Garcia
Alfred Casipong
Celeste June Rivera
Rodrigo Bolivar II
Primy Joy Cane
Michelle Eve De Guzman
Anthony Gerard Odtohan
John Boaz Lee
Robert Jed Malayang
Zaki Sidri
Marianne Catherine Tapales
Bron Teves
Lyde Gerard Villanueva
Junstine Megan Yu


michelle said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! it's going to be an actual book?????

jordan said...

Yes, finally... DBSS has much more oomph right now than our previous output. The baby is now a lady. Hehe!