Monday, April 28, 2008

heads up

Blame the appearance of this post to Marianne (hey, now you’re mentioned here in two consecutive entries!). If not for her countless attempt on “beautifying” her blog, I wouldn’t have done the same thing and stay completely satisfied with my old header. Well, I can’t help it but make one too (insert envy with a smile). I am not pleased with the results though but maybe, someday, if the knack of laziness doesn’t overwhelm me, I would make another blog header much worthy in the eyes of both the art police and the art-illiterate.


Aiken said...

o. naa ra sir. comment na. hehehe. bitaw,, i can only say one word - COOL. and there's no other word that could probably top that. TELL ME! mmmm... wala na noh? superb? phenomenal? di jud. COOL jud. LOL

f. jordan said...

mao ka aiken! hahaha!