Thursday, April 10, 2008


“Love can be magic, but magic can sometimes be an illusion.”

Sensations keep us alive. They serve as reminders to keep us on our toes, to perk up our logic when needed. At the most, they can be reliable sources in knowing one’s pulses are still on the go. And sensations do not only come in physical forms like the itch on our skin or the hunger that becomes violent whenever we skip our meals but, also, they can be the inside joke that forms in our heads or the simple thought of meeting someone in the afternoon. But what if everything, the sensation believed to be so meaningful and authentic starting from those countless nightly conversations to that spontaneous kiss of the recent past, is not real? In a direct clean-slate opinion, that sensation surely cannot be real, it is just a transmission of pure fakeness one may unfortunately experience. It is undeniably tragic to fall into this situation. Going astray in one’s thoughts like thinking of being uselessly disregarded in the dark or pondering on the ideas of the macabre is inevitable.

Then one may ask: In the first place, how would one determine what is real from not in order to avoid from falling into such mess? Honestly, that’s one question that is so hard to answer; especially that from the very beginning the growing sense of belief basically flourished since there was constant nurturing of hope, trust, and love. No harm done? Well, there is. Other people’s insensitivity and excess playfulness just made me stress the point that nothing in this world is indeed authentically real and beautiful. Beauty, I say, does not lie in the eye of the beholder, but rather on the eyes trained to see what is not actually there. Therefore, a sensation is just an illusionary trick of our complex, twisted being.

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