Sunday, May 18, 2008

one more week

For some of us who have realized (or stumbled upon?) the path of writing is something to be of great significance, there will come a time that this simple want or need to prove it has to be skinned down to its bare muscles, then to its bare bones, to see if it is all worth it.

That day was May 5.

After the skinning comes the roasting. The coals have been prepared and stoked. Now, we have one more week, and our muses will never be the same again. Good or bad, the various critiques would not only shape our future words but also guide our pens that we hold on to continue writing if that writerly itch persists. Or even if that itch begins to fade.

(Top L-R) Liza Baccay, Lambert Varias Jr., Elena Paulma, Lawrence Bernabe, Noelle Leslie Dela Cruz (Middle L-R) Bron Teves, Arlene Yandug, Rodrigo Dela Peña, Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon, Fred Jordan Mikhail Carnice (Bottom L-R) Celeste Fusilero, Joshua Lim So, Dustin Celestino, Carmela Tolentino)


Mugen said...

Reminds me of how intimidated I was the first time I entered the Masters.

f. jordan said...

Yeah... Scary. But you'll get the hang of it soon. It's just a matter of accepting your ignorance.

ianne said...

jordz... it took me around a minute to recognize you... baket?

f. jordan said...

I don't know. How can I answer that query?