Sunday, June 22, 2008

the biggest circle of friends

It is official. On the 21st night of June in the year 2008, at Royal Suites Inn, the birth of something so glorifying in the time of distances and nostalgia has finally arrived. The Biggest Circle of Friends (BCF) is now existent. It is, ironies aside, the biggest of them all. A group composed only of Donna Bernardo, Marianne Tapales, and yours truly, this is formed to bring up what The Wednesday Club has wastefully disregarded of its opportunities and to continue what splendid legacy The Union has left to us (or to basically, somehow, get away from this disease of boredom that could drive us into instant insanity).

On this special occasion over delicious food and hearty laughter, we invited Decerey Jumalon as our distinguished guest of honor. Here she witnessed the lasting relationship of three silly people waiting for anything to happen for them to at least have something to look up to while discussing the latest gossip in town. Well, it has been a tradition that certain cliques form annually. Even though the number of affiliates drops and the group name changes every year, the objective of living the sane life in the midst of monotonous cardboard-cutout characters is still present. If asked why it is considered the biggest? Let’s just say that, so far, this has been the largest number of people that shows genuine character to each other (or our appetite for Sizzling Bulalo, Choco Domes and Oreo Cheesecakes is bigger than the rest of mankind).

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