Thursday, June 05, 2008


Summer, I thought, have just kicked in. But upon looking at the heap of clothes, books, gadgets, and other necessities on my bed, I have realized it’s the time again that I have to face another tasking school year. Yes, hopefully, this would be my last year as a student. Though the premise of opening the door to finally get out of college is not that promising, I guess four years in the university are enough to buildup what is needed to be built up. My things are packed up and a few hours from now I will be riding on a fastcraft, ferrying towards this island that, as what I’ve said in an old post, have “stoked up the coals of my imagination and extinguished the flames of my heart.” This is the best and worst thing that I could define what Dumaguete is to me. Well, right now, I think I am all ready to face this city again. Crossing my fingers, I wish the last part of my given definition would change in time passing. Because my things are all packed up; complete.


Mugen said...

Goodluck and may you have a fruitful year ahead!

Anonymous said...

jordan si bert ito. yung blog ko