Wednesday, June 25, 2008

prickly heat

The intense high temperatures must have affected some people’s mind. Dumaguete is like one roasted city with its asphalt roads and little business establishments ablaze which is why I fully understand my first statement. Brains get fried up, too (it’s just weird though that we’ve experienced a heavy downpour last week).

And to testify that these cerebral organs also have their chances of being cooked, I have been leisurely lazing around the office this morning when messages from an individual appear in my phone. The publication warmth gives me a sauna bath I do not ask for which, consequently, makes me more irritated to read those messages. Since I usually reject these notices only filled with pure pretense, I pity the poor fellow.

Bullfrogs! That particular moment just makes me wonder why people (such as that message sender) comment on some things in a guiltless way when in fact their main concern is the exact opposite of what they’ve done in the first place. Isn’t this inconsistency in the highest prickly order? Oh well, just correct me if I am wrong.

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