Sunday, August 10, 2008

eight days a week

I’ve been working, writing, and rewriting a lot of times this season that, almost out of desperation to escape this constant repetitiveness or maybe for some other unknown reasons, I fall once again into an urge of listening The Beatles music. Call me old fashioned but this is my way of having an instant ticket to perpetual composure and sanity. In pursuit for more music, I’ve stumbled into their works that I haven’t heard ever such as Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite and I am the Walrus. Also I’ve just discovered there are already four versions of Across the Universe, from different artists, in my music folder. Too much? I think not, even in the season of having a hard day’s night every other day.

The poster above? That’s only the nineteenth century piece that Lennon got inspiration from when he wrote the Mr. Kite song. And also, there’s this information that might explain why I have this unexplainable feeling that makes me hum its tune more often than the usual: the sounds effects were recorded on the same date when I was born. Blam! The power of rationalizing and analyzing things are quite pathetic but the coincidence made me wonder, really.


Cristielle-Love R. Adriano said...

you've got a constant uniqueness in every post...

>>>(a.k.a. love)<<<

f. jordan said...

uh, what do you mean?