Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the bells are ringing

Nope. It’s not the Christmas bells, it’s from the church. Or maybe not, but still, it has the same sense. Someone is getting married. You know who this is, I am pretty sure. One of the very few genuine activists of the university, this woman has shaved off her hair and walked around the campus like nothing has changed. Big deal? Well, she is just one of those who has appeared in Cebu and readied to rally the coming Asean Summit meeting only to find out that it was postponed. Wait, was it the Asean meeting? Forget it. I’ve just received this message in my Friendster’s inbox: “maybe i'm getting married next week! Friday, 24!”

She stated in her message to spread the news and I did. So, I have nothing else to say but congratulations and, ermm, take care!


Aiken said...

si aling spring? dhan?

f. jordan said...

yup. no one else.
check your inbox.