Thursday, October 09, 2008

camera whores

There are only a few good photographers in campus and I think there are only two of them. That may not be a good thing but it’s definitely better than none. What’s bad (and sad) is that the two are leaving for good. Primy Cane and Leon Medado, both Weekly Sillimanian shooters, are optimistically graduating this semester.

Well, instead of bumming around and breeding an anticipated sadness, we had an instant photoshoot that ate up most of our day. We had nothing to do at that time so I, Budjai, Donna, June, and Marianne grabbed whatever we can use for the shoot while Primy prepared an instant studio in the office. Everything was not a waste anyway—Primy could use the shots for her folio.

Friends, more pictures here.

And oh, for everyone’s sake, that’s the photographer by the way in her infamous “you’ve used my pictures for your Facebook and cropped out my watermark?” look. Who took that shocking picture? Well, it’s none other than Leon (whose picture I can’t find anywhere in my bucket of photos stressing the point that he should remain behind the camera). And don’t worry, Primy, I’ve used one of your shots with your copyright on.

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