Tuesday, October 21, 2008

go chrome!

I’ve just installed the latest browser that has been creating a buzz in the net, the Google Chrome. What I really appreciate with Google is their diktat for simplicity, order, and design. No clutter here! An open-source web browser built to support web applications and search with speed and stability, Google Chrome is currently available for Windows XP and Windows Vista (so Mac and Linux users, you wait).

One thing that also got me into it is that the features are cute, if not innovatively restyled. And tweaking the settings is so easy. You are not bombarded with a whole set of buttons and directions that lead you nowhere but a deadened headache when you want to change something. Well, that’s for a no-fuss person talking such as me.

Already considered a menace to Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, Chrome still has its downside though. According to Hammedonline.tk, “...some images [that] do not show for no apparent reason.” Maybe, it’s the plugins that didn’t work. Hey, tell me, what else could go wrong with this? But so far, I am enjoying its fast internet browsing experience—faster than any fastfood resto in town.



amicus said...

i've been using chrome for the past month and i am loving it! my only prob though is, like in firefox, i cannot use opera's shortcut ctrl+z to open recently closed tabs--really neat when the boss is around. ehehe

f. jordan said...

Really? I haven't noticed that. What's fun with Chrome is that you could "rip" off some tabs of a window and separate it as a new window. Amazing, huh?

And yes, it works very smoothly. The problem here just lies on third party softwares.