Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Pit Señor! Viva Pit Señor!

This line has droned into my ears for a couple of hours. I even think I still have that jovial electricity running in my bones right now. Last weekend, I and Marianne have finally attended a Sinulog festival. The experience is worth it. It’s not because my eyes have been served with sights of actors, politicians, and heavily decorated Cebuanos parading the streets on a semi-hot Sunday morning (miraculously, it’s not that hot). It is the people I am with and have met that make the whole festival unforgettable. What more, they make libre and make us buhi for two days! The only times we pull our wallets out from their comfort zones: ibog-ibog moments.

From malling, resto-hopping, window-shopping, to pure lounging and lazing around, we have separated ourselves from the academic routine that has plagued our minds for months. We scream, “We need a break!” (Actually, I did have a reason to visit the province. I needed something not found in Dumdum).

We’ve met familiar faces from the university publication, have seen new faces from different crowds, and have met people who we least expected to meet. Some have even made for themselves “effective” tour guides, persuading us to walk for kilometers just to reach a drinking pub that is crowded with yuppies and the not-so yuppies. Relatively, every single step in that trip is fine. The bottom line for this experience is that we truly love employed “friends.” Till next time!


Mugen said...

Oi long hair ka na. I wonder when I can attend that festival. ^_^ Ilang months na lang dude. Wish you all the best.

Aiken said...

ako i was at the slums cebu... hahaha

Aiken said...

ako i was at the slums cebu... hahaha

f. jordan said...

Mugen: Oo nga, long hair na. oks ba? hehe. March is coming and my Duende remains elusive. Tsk tsk...

Aiken: Nanglibre unta ka aik!