Sunday, January 11, 2009

not just a post to update this blog

"Tire yourself with the bounty of other people's love
and not by the absence of once-held affections."
Jan 11 / 09 (01:14am)

I didn’t really know the drill. The dog followed you and you stopped. It took for a while before you found your senses back and tried to talk with the dog. It barked. It was not a daunting bark but something pleasant. Maybe even polite. This dog is worth keeping, you said to yourself. But you left the dog and continued towards your destination knowing that someone else owned it. But it ran after you, chased you. You stopped again and asked why: Something wrong? Master’s gone? No one to shelter you? You gave the dog a hug. And that was all. But the dog must be so down and dejected it licked your face. How cute. But still, I believed you were thinking that you had no right to own the dog so you left. As you arrived in your place, the dog ran away outside, its padded feet leaving a series of thuds in your heart.

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