Saturday, February 14, 2009


March 13, before Valentine’s Day, was honors day. Luckily, on my fourth year, I still made it to the roster of nanings. You know what a naming is? This is a kind of breed who works very hard to achieve what’s supposed to be achieved for our parents and significant others to be proud of their spent hard-earned monthly salaries. This sounds too negative but positive nevertheless.

But wait. Yesterday, I was lonely. My parents didn’t arrive. Due to weather conditions that troubled daring sea fastcrafts to be slow, my mother and sister went back to their homes in Tagbilaran and called me that they can’t come see me do the walk in the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium. Their trip was cancelled. Okay, I still have my acquaintances to cheer me up. Well, so much for my anticipation to see mum’s face, complaining about my new hairdo.

And yes, my hairdo. This is a blatant projection of narcissism but I just adore the way people stare at it. I may have a few minutes to show it off on stage (and pat SU President Ben S. Malayang at the back for an inside joke) but the cameras, whispers, cheers, and hollers love me. Eat that you boring people!

Next stop: Graduation day.


ness said...


Mugen said...

I like your shirt Jordan.


f. jordan said...

Ness: Thanks Doc! ;)

Mugen: Salamat. And hell, I had a hard time finding that shirt!