Wednesday, September 02, 2009

patambling muna ha?

"Sorry ha, pero mukha kang

fashion designer kaysa writer."

OK, I will still take that as a compliment.


flor said...

haha .well it is a compliment.. but you can actually mix both talents

f. jordan said...

Why not?

Anyway, people can picture me out anything they want. I don't care.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. panalo to. kebs na, jords. how does a writer look anyway?

-this is not sara sebastian

Fine Life Folk said...

No one can make you feel inadequate except yourself kaya I say, let them be and strike a pose. Teka, model pala 'yun, 'di designer LOL!

f. jordan said...

@ Sarah: Talagang out of the blue yung comment na yun. Nagulat ako.

@ Fine Life Folk: I agree to that. What you think for yourself goes first -- that's what matters.

Model? Hmmm, lemme think about that. Haha.

AngelSpring said...

Ayaw na pangambisyon ug model oi! Grabe na pud! writer na, fashion designer pa, then artist ka na baya! ayaw na pag-model kay OA na! Hehe... ;)