Friday, January 01, 2010

some sense

I’ve gathered from a news report that incidents of victims who are shot from the poetic-sounding but nonetheless dangerous ligaw na bala have risen, from 17 cases across the country (2008-2009) to 26 (2009-2010).

The missing number between the two data is still big.

There must be logic behind these happenings. My guess is simple. Various organizations have strengthened their campaigns against setting off firecrackers when anticipating the coming new year, or at least burn money with the lesser evil like a fountain, so people opt to go for the most sensible form of celebration: drinking. Yes, the activity that involves lots and lots of alcohol that ranges from 6.5 to 7.2 per bottle, or depending on what kind.

After this semi-mandatory family-slash-friends affair, the pivotal reason to the rising number of deaths and wounded from the lost bullet (because it’s called ligaw na bala, diba?) comes next. People, in the end, get drunk. Obviously, those with guns, licensed or not, especially those who go beyond their sanity’s control, reach for their guns and pull the trigger. Bang!

In simpler words: No putok. Gets drink. Gets drunk. Big putok.

I say the precautionary measures must be lifted a notch higher.

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onyxx said...

you'd think some people would've grown up a bit after years and years of mindless incidents and harrowing lists of casualties each time the new year rolls around... but no, some folks just don't recognize sense even if it bites them in the you-know-what. (sorry for venting)