Thursday, March 25, 2010


After that occurrence that lasted for approximately five seconds (just my estimates), here are some interesting accounts from people that popped up in my cellphone, Twitter and Plurk accounts. These were people who were so immersed in their respective works, not so mindful that some parts of Luzon experienced a 6.1 magnitude quake at 1:29pm this afternoon:

“I was playing a video game while talking to one of the directors of the commission of human rights, and then I felt dizzy.”
- Robert

“…naalis antok ko!”
- Yas

“While listening to Black Eyed Peas, my chair shook back and forth, thinking my officemate was kidding around again, when I saw everyone standing up confused, and I thought, I am in the 38th floor!”
- Jordan (Ako)

“Woot! Earthquake! And I thought it was just me tapping my foot to Telephone.”
- Marck


kcatwoman said...

to the guy in the 38th floor, youre luckier than the ones in the basement. lol!


Random Student said...

makisali na rin ako. as i was about to put that pastillas in my mouth, i suddenly felt dizzy. akala ko sugar rush. sugar rush? eh di ko pa nga nasusubo hehe

f. jordan said...

@kcatwoman: But you feel the movement more when you're up there.

@random student: Hahahaha. Baka high blood pressure na yun!