Wednesday, April 14, 2010

trips to two provinces

A question made my eyebrows raise a bit when I was frolicking in the shallow waters in an islet that was a short boat-ride away from the shores of Caramoan: “Which is better, Bohol or Camarines Sur?”

I do not know how to respond but feebly say that the attractions of my home province tend to project a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere while CamSur, as it is famously known from across the globe by now, goes for the edge, the adventure fix of anyone’s needs.

Finally reaching the arc after nine hours

Yes, Bohol may be sporting new offerings lately—like Danao’s extreme activities such as the semi-bungee jumps, ziplines and numerous spelunking tours—but overall, what makes the land of Tarsiers, Loboc River Cruise, and Chocolate Hills a destination for the much-anticipated vacation is its quite charm. Like its neighbor, Negros Oriental, Bohol basks in a laidback setup that ironically calls attention to its natural undisturbed beauty.

For example, there are the beaches of Panglao. Like anyone who has stepped onto the blue seas and the wide stretch of white sand, the feeling of contentment is unmistakable. No need for bars muted by house music, no need for celebrities, just the things that are simply provided.

Dumaluan Beach in Panglao

Suislide in Danao

Café Lawis in Dauis

Camarines Sur, on the other hand, is one vast arena to make use of those dormant energies—especially for those who drill themselves into the seats of their offices five days a week. Though the long travel hours between the best spots around will definitely crush all forms of human feelings from numbness, these will all be forgotten once the destinations are reached.

Wakeboarding in Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

Visiting one of the islands around Caramoan

Sunset at CWC Obstacle Course

There is no need elaborating the differences between the two. Both are beautiful in their respective uniqueness, just like the rest of the provinces all over the Philippines that I have yet to visit. (This thought in particular makes me wonder why some people have to get out of the country to spend their vacation in shopping centers. The sundry places of our country do not only feed our eyes, they feed the soul. That is why it not surprising quite a number of scribes write about our country’s falls, mountain ranges, seas, and cities).

Now back to the question: Which is better, Camarines Sur or Bohol? I do not want to be biased. After all, I am from Tagbilaran, Bohol. I would let the photos speak for themselves, which will all honestly scream that I have enjoyed equal portions of the greats.

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