Thursday, May 13, 2010

grab this week's philippines free press now

Yes, the one with the faces of people running for Philippine presidency this year, buy that in the nearest magazine or newspaper stands. It won’t hurt your wallet, it is worth P50 only. Leaf through the magazine until the last page, and there you are, discover the reason for this ultimately shameless plug on this corner of the blogosphere:

My poem “Traffic” is published alongside the works of Jan Paulo Bastareche, Alfred Casipong, and Bron Teves, and a piece of fiction by
Dean Francis Alfar. If literature is not for you, well, just wallow in the editorial pages and other articles for your desired consumption. Thanks.


Rhodge said...

I have a copy already! Pa-autograph, idol!

f. jordan said...

Salamat naman at nahanap mo na rin sa wakas ang tamang isyu number. Magsulat ka na rin!

kcatwoman said...

wow congratulations on being published!!


Random Student said...

wow sige daan ako ng convenience store or national bookstore tomorrow for this

f. jordan said...

@kcatwoman: Thank you! Just keep the pen moving!

@Random Student: Salamat, pero wala yung FP sa bookstores. Sa mga newspaper and magazine stands lang, like Filbar's and Papyvore. :)

Anonymous said...

@ Jordan - Talaga? I got my copy from NBS katips haha swertihan I guess :))

f. jordan said...

@Alyza: You're right. There are copies in NBS Robinson's Galleria too. May back copies pa!