Friday, June 11, 2010

unfinished ode to a cat

The cat
is no ball
of cotton,
it is a blithe
object of stealth,
a bullet
that hits
nine lives.


Rhodge said...

Wow, naunahan mo ako hehe!

Wala akong makitang reliable source how to write an ode, but since you are into poetry forms, try writing an Horatian ode. Or kung lyric form lang, Rilke at Neruda. :)

Sulat na nga ako!

Mu[g]en said...

clear as a crystal;
a stone with no name. =)

Easter Lois said...

i hate my cat. mao ra na ako ma say jord hahaha i hate cats jud

Camerasian said...

stealth. heard that one about one's cat before. and true naman na they're all about that.

f. jordan said...

@Rhodge: I was researching the history of odes a few days ago and, yes, the lyrical ones were interesting.

@Mugen: Thanks for the lines. Maybe I'll incorporate them soon--with your permission of course. ;) So, can I?

@Easter: No matter what you say, Bunny, I love cats. :)

@Camerasian: Marami ka ng blogs ah. Hehe... Yup, I've actually read a poem about a cat with the word "stealth" in it. I guess it's no harm naman to use the same word in my own work since I am projecting the animal in an entirely different light. Haha. Defensive!