Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the rain last night

Grasses flattened on their roots, great lengths of streets flooded, varying articles of clothing spread everywhere, concrete road signs toppled, walls crumbled, trunks and branches of once sturdy trees fell on the ground.

Apocalyptic, it was a scene of total disarray, the moment I went out of the house early to avoid the morning rush to work. And all of that in a place I thought was secure. Well, nothing was secure in the wake of Basyang (international name: Conson). Yes, it’s signal number two in Metro Manila.

In my bed last night, turning over and over again sleepless, I thought, if I could hear the troubling clanging of my neighbors’ roofs right now, what about the shanties and those homeless people? It made me more restless. The howling of the wind and lashing of the rain on my windows were not helping either.

Now here I am in the office, trying to recollect the whirlwind of postulations that gave me three hours of rest last night, trying to rub off the temptation of sleep in my eyes. It’s back to reality, they say.


victor said...

Like Basyang, it's impossible to tame the "whirlwinds" of our "postulations."

GLIP said...

i'm sure marami d'yan like me who love it when it rains that hard. except for the brownout. i love it more the morning after, walking outside.

f. jordan said...

@Victor: That's right. The mind is a constant agitator.

@Glip: Yup, I love it too when it is raining hard outside. It is actually soothing, the sound of it. But it is entirely a whole new story when you hear a neighbor's "yero" clanging the whole night long, the restless thought of a thing crashing into another thing. It is disturbing.

GLIP said...

i checked kasi years ago what ariens love and sabi sa isang zodiac bible na my personology suggests na i love watching weather reports of thunderstorms, hurricane, etc. kaya pala when i was living alone i would sip coffee sa harap ng big window habang humahampas yung ulan sa glass. aliw na aliw ako na kuba na lahat ng puno at sumisipol ang hangin.