Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shameless plug

He believes in its power. As a marketing tool, nothing is more readily available than that kind of plugging.

Anyway, just like what I had requested three months ago, I will tell you right now to grab this week’s Philippines Free Press issue, August 21. My short fiction, “Poetry in the Time of Influenza” is published in it alongside the gorgeous verses of Ned Parfan and Ino Habana.

The illustration of my story is perfect; it frames the image of my ill condition when I am writing it last year. This is my first published fiction so please pardon the overblown enthusiasm in this post. The critiques and suggestions of my fabulous co-fellows and panelists of the 10th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop are definitely helpful. And to you, Celeste June Rivera, thanks. You are my VIR—my Very Important Reader. You know that.


Graphic Designer said...

congrats! di ko pa rin sya talaga makita anywhere.

f. jordan said...

It's in many Filbars Magazine Shops or in select National Bookstores. :)