Tuesday, December 07, 2010

2010 philippines free press literary awards winners

It was not surprising at all. This year’s Philippines Free Press Literary Awards name Noelle Leslie Dela Cruz and Mo Francisco as first prize winner for poetry (“Discourse”) and second prize winner for short fiction (“Jimmie”), respectively.


As for the other winners, Ma’am Marjorie Evasco won second prize for the poem “It Is Time to Come Home,” while nobody got the third slot. For fiction, the winners were Eliza Victoria for “Reunion” for first prize and Daryll Delgado for “In Remission” for third prize. To know more of the happenings of the awarding ceremony, click here.

(Me and Mo)

Now they are thousands of bucks richer. I know, I can’t ask “Magpainom naman kayo diyan” because they already had, and unfortunately I was not there. Anyway, I was just happy for the two of them. I’ve read their pieces in the Dumaguete workshop a few years ago and I can only say they deserve this.

Write on.


Mo said...

Aww thanks jor!

Parang crush na crush kita dito sa picture natin!

Sige, I'll treat you to a beer next time I see you.


Les said...

thank you, dear jordan. :)
but bit of correction to my surname, it's dela cruz. :)) no biggie! salamat sa special mention. write on!


f. jordan said...

@Mo: Hahaha. Yun yata ang plano niyo ni Bea, smitten ladies kuno. See you when I see you!

@Les: Kaching! There, now changed! I must be thinking of my music professor when I wrote this. He's the only one with that surname that I know. Hahaha. Congrats!