Thursday, April 28, 2011


Just in time for the wipeout of awkward photos and “testimonials” in Friendster, I cleaned up this blog. It was getting crowded with so much nonsense (and I won’t admit that this cyber corner of mine belongs to that league). Aside from that, many of those in my blogrolls have entries as recent as circa 2008.

Clicking them open, one by one, was saddening. (Of course, I have to check each before sentencing it to hell). The once lively community is now a virtual ghost town. I didn’t even know where these people are right now.

Curious, but is this how the present mindset works these days? Are we just too click-happy on all things trending and new, that it is easy to dismiss this and that in a heartbeat? Do we now have the attention span of a paperclip!?

If that is the case, they should at least give the data cloud a favor and delete their sites before jumping onto Tumblr or Twitter. It does not do any good leaving the internet with articles about red nail polish and other related matters.

(And yes, I won’t admit that I have entries falling under related matters).


Mugen said...

Took us merely years to degenerate from a people of kilometric blog-posts to a people of micro-blogging sites.

I cannot deny that I too, have lost much of my spirit.

Bullfrog said...

Correct. But what’s even worse is that people of micro-blogging sites are now slowly turning into people of impulsive re-blogging, re-tweeting, re-anything. I wonder what happens next. Complete static?

Maybe this is the reason why you’ve lost much of your spirit lately; the environment is just so uninspired.