Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 philippines free press literary awards winners

Team Jologs strikes again! Here are the winners of this year’s Philippines Free Press Literary Awards that capped last night at Club Café, Makati Sports Club. Netty, you make us proud. And for those who didn’t land in any of the three spots of the two genres, being a finalist I think is enough commendable honor. Congratulations to all!


1st - Caroline Hau, “Recuerdos de Patay”
2nd - Jenette Vizcocho, “When You See A Dog”
3rd - Michelangelo Samson, “Erscheinung”


1st - Luisa A. Igloria, “Zeno’s Paradox”
2nd - Timi Siytangco, “How to Kill a Whale Shark”
3rd - Andrea Teran, “Weight Without Gravity”

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