Tuesday, September 13, 2011

published and not complaining

My poem “The Lost Monkeys of Tamugan,” a melding of the myth and the personal tale, is published in the September 10 issue of the Philippines Free Press, along with fellow katsubong Bron Teves’ “The Queen’s Gambit.” Read them here.


Lately, I’ve been churning out poems, setting aside drafts upon drafts of long narrative fiction, and though it is no easy feat, I am not complaining. I think it is a blessing. My only “issue” (I don’t know how to describe it) here is the constant urge to rework a piece the genre usually hints at or even demands. See, the aforementioned poem that is sent a month ago to the publisher now looks different today, at least in my growing list of drafts. Ah, the (un)petty concerns of life.

Anyway, as what I’ve said, I am not complaining. I shouldn’t be.

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the green breaker said...

it reads great to me. :)