Wednesday, November 09, 2011

how to hate the apostrophes

We begin by stripping
the animosity to its core:
this pursuit of belongingness.

Since nothing has staked claim
on something, on someone
the way apostrophes could.

Human effort pales in comparison
to their minute stabs of ownership.
These marks ace at mockery.

A man once promised to a girl
the heavens would be hers,
but when she saw the skies naked

except for one tailless kite
and the occasional pigeon,
she shoved off the thought.

Even the winged struggle
at these acres of space,
encyclopedic and colossal.

The philosophy of the apostrophes
speaks of one basic certainty:
some wants are better off ignored.

And this is where they beat us.
They could posses more than a ghost
could haunt man in a lifetime.

In their wake is a cold draft,
and we are contentedly warm
for all the wrong reasons.


tin@marikina said...

Hi J! I'm liking this series of how to's! <3

f. jordan said...

Thanks, Tin. That means so much to me. I'm just grateful, too, for that golden workshop anniversary work ("How to Write Another Story"). That was some kind of germ.