Friday, November 18, 2011

how to not write another story

People never really know
half of nothing. It’s neither
half-empty nor half-full.

It’s just what it is. So they
make up. Now let’s forget
the urgency of sunlight.

Besides, not all shapes show
their genuine forms: the bosom
beneath the clothing could hold

not a heart but a frenzied beast.
Scathing, mad, injurious.
Just like primetime news.

They’re everywhere, reports
of shame, pride and blood
in deadpan delivery.

That’s how we forget soul.
Is that the essence of man? No.
It’s the thick bottom of a heel.

We can all laugh now.
Embarrassment seems to be
everyone’s choice of comedy.

And there’s no one to blame,
this frontier of subtleties
that’s bound to fade.

We’ve learned very well:
we do’nt have to put everything
in the right place.

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Tobey said...

Jordeh! Do you have plans here in boracay already? How long are you staying here? Para magawan ko kayo ng rough itinerary just in case.:p