Monday, December 12, 2011

here and queer

My poem “Cushions” is in the Queer Punk Issue of Paper Monster Press (and Eva Gubat’s work, too!). Was glad this managed to worm its way into this humble publication, because what better way to tackle a stupendous lie than to turn it over. And send it to the market.

Got no hard copy yet, since I was not able to attend the launching during the Writers Night last December 9 at the Toyota Foundation Bldg., Asian Center, UP-Diliman. Will now have to think of ways to get hold of one.

Aside from things literary, this venture also includes a couple of visual arts and a companion CD for the music selections. Here is the complete lineup:


Ayn Frances dela Cruz (Red Balloon)
Chinedu Jonathan (Cedars of Lebanon)
Christa De La Cruz (Rent)
David Neves (Final Thought 2)
Elan Sastine (Artemis and Callisto)
Eva Gubat (Parallels)
F. Jordan Carnice (Cushions)
Lolito Go (Suicide Note)
Paolo Domingo Macariola (Framing Seconds)
Ria Bautista (XVII)
Tofi Alonte (Shadowtale)
Zeraph Dylan Moore (Pre-Op Beauty)
Jeanilyn Kwan (Identity Crisis)
Daniw Santiago (Bagyo)
Elaine Lazaro (Ilang tala sa isang araw na pamumuhay kuno)
Emmanuel Halabasco (Kung bakit magaspang ang mukha ng buwan)
Jim Pascual Agustin (Lakad-lasing)


Aofie Odwyer
Lorna Zaragosa
Chris Bird
Jorge aka Munds
Archo “capitalist” bastard
Ivan Diolola
Paige de Guzman Maquiling


Mitten (All That I’ve Got)
The Heart Foundation (Stereo Lab)
The Bernadettes (Oh! Oh! Oh!)
Scantron (Sweet Song!)
The Serial Heartbreaker (Frida Boy)
Skies of Ember (I’ll Be Your Mirror)
Monochrome (Between Tranquility and Impending Death)
Elemento (Makina)
Pogs Fortes (Toke a Little)
Goodleaf (Dub Pilipinas)
The Presidents (Long, Long Time)
Lions and Acrobats (Hanging On A Cliff Named IV Drip)
Read Our Lines (The Natural)
Fherrond (The Analyst)
Method (A Bitter Farewell)


Anonymous said...

Oh golly gee, ang angas ng cover!!! Congrats to you, my dear! I'm so happy we made it here, giddy! Now the practical part -- how do we get a copy of this bad ass issue?

f. jordan said...

Eva, kakareply lang nila. They're going for a second run; first prints immediately went out of stock. They're going to post a new sched soon in their FB page, so let's just wait and see.