Monday, January 09, 2012

philippine speculative fiction 7 lineup

There’s an incentive to stubbornness after all. The number that is attached next to the anthology’s title is a clue to the number of attempts trying to get into it. All right, enough of background checking.

Here’s the table of contents of the seventh edition of Philippine Speculative Fiction, to be launched soon:

All That We May See by Kenneth Yu
All the Best of Dark and Bright by Isabel Yap
Bastard Sword by Nikki Alfar
Chasers by Chris Mariano
East of the Sun by Dean Francis Alfar
Faith in Fiction by James Constantino Bautista
Mother of Monsters by Philip Corpuz
Never Land by Mo Francisco
Oblation by Paolo Chikiamco
Pet by Kristine Ong Muslim
Sarsarita Time by Melissa Sipin
The Call of the Chained God by Dariel Quiogue
The Changes by Benito Vergara
The Commute to Paradiso by Charles Tan
The Day Nostalgia Swept Over a Town by F. Jordan Carnice
The Dragon's Orb by Vincent Michael Simbulan
The Likeness of God by Crystal Koo
The Little Things the Datu Did by Andrew Drilon
The Love Spell by Julian dela Cerna
The Nature of Apocalypse by Joseph Anthony Montecillo
The Scrap Collectors by Arlynn Despi
username: tanglaw by Eliza Victoria
What the Body Remembers by Tin Lao
What You See by Ian Rosales Casocot

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Eva said...

Another launch that Lyza and I and the rest of the gang will invade! Oohyeah!

f. jordan said...

: Haha. I am not sure if there will be a launching this time, though. This edition will be published in e-book form.