Monday, March 05, 2012

bltx 2

Last Friday, March 2, I went home from an expo in QC that was Better Living Through Xeroxography (or better known as BLTX). It was its second edition, and though in paper BLTX was a small affair, its goal was big:

“Bring together independent self-publishers from Metro Manila (hopefully from elsewhere, too), in a one-night event that will allow them to sell their wares: books, yes, but also zines and other printed materials like shirts, postcards, posters, and this year, CDs from musicians more indie than indie.”

And I think the turnout met its goal. Ilyong’s at Kalantiaw was packed, the tables brimming with things not found in malls, and I was glad I spotted faces who I thought I would not be seeing in a while and faces I believe I have not seen in a very long while. Around three in the morning the next day, I went home with a bag heavier than before. Ah, new reads.


Andeh said...

Wonderful seeing you, Jordan! And in the company of so many books, too.

f. jordan said...

: Nice to see you, too, Andy! Until next time!